Revolution – Day 12 – In Sync Practice

Your Day 12 Yoga practice guides you to evolve your relationship and commitment to pranayama, or breath. By committing to your breath in yoga practice you are committing to your total wellbeing. The result is a clear mind and calm nervous system. This is also a swift practice so in addition we continue to gain strength, trim, tone and condition. All guided by the rhythm of your breath, your heart.

The last few days have prepared you for today’s practice which uses Sun Salutations to inspire synchronicity. Stick with it! You are doing great!


Your Day 10 yoga practice is soft and sweet. A therapeutic practice that focuses on the power of subtle movements and the energetic body. Bring a thoughtfulness to the mat as you balance stability and ease. Relax and notice. Thoughtfulness is found in the little things today. Focus on the way in which you approach your actions on the mat and your practice will grow. Focus the way you move on the mat and you will focus the way you move in the world.

Relax the body and welcome clarity. This practice offers tools for making decisions that serve.


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